These Terms and Conditions apply between you (The parent/guardian/care giver) and Leapkids Australia Pty Ltd. You must read and agree to these before using Leapkids services. 

1. Applications & Bookings

a) All applications and bookings must be made via the Parent Portal.  

b) Incomplete applications will not be processed. 

c) Children will not be accepted into our programs without a prior confirmed booking. 

d) All relevant information about your child, including any medical conditions and allergies must be disclosed in the Enrolment Application.

e) All bookings MUST be made at least 7 days prior to the commencement of the program.

f) You agree to update and/or change any details via the Parent Portal.

2. Fee Schedule 

a) Standard:  $65.00 (per child, per day)

b) Incursion:  $75.00 (per child, per day)

c) Excursion:  $85.00 (per child, per day)

3. Account Payment 

a) All program fees must be paid in advance, prior to your child attendance via Direct Deposit or Credit Card.

b) Non-payment of program fees may result in your child being excluded from our program.

c) You agree to pay for all of the days your child is successfully booked in, and not cancelled within the relevant time frame (i.e. 7 days prior to the scheduled date of attendance), regardless of non-attendance.

4. Cancellations, Refunds & Late Collection

a) Cancellations to any confirmed booking must be made in writing via email 7 days prior to the scheduled date of attendance. Otherwise you are obliged to pay the full fee.

b) Refunds or credits are not issued in the case of illness or injury.

c) Leapkids is under no obligation to refund or credit any session a child does not attend.

d) Your child is expected to be picked up no later than 6.00pm. 

e) A late pick-up fee of $15.00 per 15 minutes applies after the service closing time.

5. Health, Medical & Special Considerations

 a) You give permission for Leapkids staff to administer appropriate medical attention/first aid in the event of an accident, incident or illness.

b) You agree and acknowledge that Leapkids does not accept any liability for personal injury, property damage or loss sustained by any child attending our programs.

c) If your child has a medical condition, dietary requirement or any other additional need, you are responsible for providing a current Action Plan and/or supporting documentation, prior to your child/ren’s attendance.

d) If your child has an Action Plan that requires an Epipen to be administered, you must provide your own Epipen to the service.

e) If your child is diagnosed as having Asthma and the Action Plan requires a Ventolin to be administered, you must provide your own Ventolin to the service.

f) You are responsible for providing a current copy of your child’s Immunisation Record or ACIR Immunisation History Statement if your child is not immunized.

g) You agree that your child will not attend our programs if suffering from an infectious or contagious disease as identified by the Department of Health.

6. Excursions

a) You give permission and authorisation for your child to attend one or more of the excursions organised by Leapkids.

b) You have read the Excursion Information published on the Leapkids website, and agree to the details listed for specific excursion/s which your child will be attending (See Excursion Information).

c) You are aware of the Excursion Risk Management undertaken by Leapkids for each excursion, and understand that you may access this document at the Service.

7. Behaviour

a) We encourage positive behavior at all times. However, if your child continuously demonstrates inappropriate behavior after guidance procedures have been followed, you will be notified and your child may be removed or suspended from the program.

8. Children with Additional Needs

a) We support all children to participate in our programs. However, children with additional needs must be booked into our program at least 4 weeks in advance to ensure quality and responsive care can be provided to meet the needs of the child. Children with additional needs not booked 4 weeks in advance may not be able to attend our programs.

9. Policies & Procedures

a) You agree to comply with Leapkids policies and procedures at all times (See Policies & Procedures).

b) You accept that any breach of our policies and/or procedures may result in your child being excluded from using our programs and services.

c) You are aware that you may access Leapkids Policies and Procedures Manual at the service.

10. Additional Information

a) You give permission for your child to participate in activities organized for the days they will be attending, including watching G and PG rated movies.

b) You agree to your child being photographed/video footage being taken and Leapkids retains the right to use this for publicity and advertising purposes. Please inform Leapkids if you do not wish for your child image to be used in this manner.

c) You authorise Leapkids staff to apply sunscreen to your child, unless you have specified otherwise and provided your own.

d) You acknowledge that your child may not participate in outdoor activities between April and September, unless they wear a wide-breamed hat, provided by you. You will ensure that your child does not attend our programs with a cap.

e) You take full responsibility for your child belongings while they are at the Leapkids programs including on any excursion.


Leapkids reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at the company’s discretion. It is your responsibility to check these Terms and Conditions prior to any new application or booking.