Parental Responsibility
A parent, which includes a guardian or person with Parental Responsibility must complete this enrolment form. A brief explanation of Parental Responsibility is found at the end of this form.
  Priority of Access Guidelines
All Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) services are required to follow the enrolment “Priority of Access Guidelines” as set out by the Australian Government. Information can be found at the end of this form.
  To enrol your child in Leapkids Outside School Hours Care, please return this completed form (One enrolment form per child) to Leapkids Head office located at Preston South Primary School.

Child Information:

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Families may be eligible for Child Care Benefit (CCB) and/or Child Care Rebate(CCR). If you are not registered for CCB/ CCR. Please contact the Family Assistance Office (FAO) on: 13 61 50.
I, hereby authorise Leapkids staff to contact the following authorised nominees in the event of an emergency, and where I cannot be contacted (Nominees MUST be over the age of 18). Please note: Your child will not be allowed to leave the program with an unauthorised person.
Please note: If your child needs to be given medication regularly, you MUST complete a separate ‘Medical Form’ available from the Leapkids office.Please ensure the following (If applicable) are attached to this Enrolment Form:
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Leapkids requires a copy of any court order, parenting order or parenting plan relating to the powers, duties, responsibilities or authorities of any person in relation to the child or access to the child. Please Note: Unless a copy of the court order is provided, we are unable to uphold the requirements.
I consent for my child to the following:
Please mark in boxes provided your preferences for dates required.
Fees must be paid in advance prior to your child’s attendance in the program via the following options:  - ChildCare EasyPay (SmartCentral) - Direct Deposit into our Bank account - Phone using Credit/Debit card
I, the undersigned being a person with ‘Parental Responsibility’ of the aforementioned child hereby:   Authorise Leapkids to seek medical treatment for my child from a registered medical practitioner, hospital, dental, Ambulance services or be transported to by ambulance in the event of an accident, illness, injury or trauma, and I agree to meet any associated expenses; Authorise Leapkids staff to take my child outside the education and care services on regular outings and excursions; Agree to provide Leapkids (if applicable) with relevant medical/anaphylaxis management plans and risk minimisation plans; Understand applications are processed in accordance with the ‘Priority of Access Guidelines’ as set out by the Federal Government; Agree that my child will not attend the program if he/she is suffering from an infectious or contagious disease (See School Exclusion Table); Understand that incursions, excursions and in-centre days may be cancelled or altered due to unforeseen circumstances beyond control; Consent to my child being transported by bus to and from excursion destinations; Agree to pay for all confirmed days including absent days, unless cancellation is made in writing prior to the start of the program; Acknowledge that the information provided on this form is true and correct, and I undertake to inform Leapkids in writing of any changes, alterations or amendments.
Parents: All paretns have the powers and responsibilities in relation to the children that can only be changed by court order. These duties, powers and responsibilities are referred to as parental responsibility. They are not effected by the relationship between the parents, such as whether or not they have lived together or married. A court order may take away the authority of a parent to do something, or give it to another person (see National Law sections 170(6) and 171).   Parental Responsibility: A person other than a parent can be allocated parental responsibility for a child under a decision or order of a court. Guardians: A guardian of a child also has parental responsibility. A legal guardian is given parental responsibility by a court order. This includes situations where a child does not live with his or her parents and there are no court orders. In these cases, the guardian is the person the child lives with who has day-to-day care and control of the child.
All Outside School Hours Care services are required to follow the enrolment Priority of Access guidelines as set out by the Federal Government as follows: First Priority: A child at risk of serious abuse or neglect Second Priority: A child of a single parent who satisfies, or of parents who both satisfy, the work/training/study test under Section 14 of the ‘A New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999 Third Priority: Any other child. Within these main categories priority should also be given to the following children: Children in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families Children in families which include a disabled person Children in families which include an individual whose adjusted taxable income does not exceed the lower income threshold of $41,902 for 2013-2014, or who or whose partner are on income support Children in families from a non-English speaking background Children in socially isolated families Children of single parents.
Leapkids is collecting this information for the purpose of enrolling your child in the Outside School Hours School Care Program including vacation care. The information you have provided will be used for administration and statistical purposes. The information collected may be shared with funding agencies and administrators for operational purposes. The information will not be disclosed to any other party except as may be required by law. The parent/guardian will be able to amend or correct information provided on request.
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